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Wah Nobel Balochistan Expl. (Pvt) Ltd
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Wah Nobel Balochistan Expl. (Pvt) Ltd. was set up at Saindak in 1993 primarily to meet the commercial explosives requirements of the Saindak Copper/Gold Mine Project. This company is rendering a great National service by generating valuable Foreign Exchange for the Country.

The Company has the capacity to facilitate Copper and Gold mining projects at Riko Diq. Besides, it is also meeting the requirements of Coal, Marble and Iron Mining in Balochistan.

Wah Nobel Group

Founded in 1962, Wah Nobel is a joint venture between the Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Saab Sweden & Almisehal Company Saudi Arabia.Wah Nobel Group is a multinational group with six companies on its orbit. It is engaged in production of Commercial Explosives/Accessories, wide range of Industrial Chemicals & Acetates & has a presence in the Energy Sector.